North Sydney Scholarship in Business & IT

No formal application is required

The University will assess your eligibility based on the information in your course admission application. Commencing students who are successful scholarship recipients will be notified by ACU

About this scholarship

The Peter Faber Business School will be awarding a 25% scholarship to all new international students commencing business and IT courses in North Sydney

Student type

Future or Commencing Students

Scholarship type



Scholarship recipients will receive a tuition fee reduction from the minimum CRICOS registered duration of their course. 

  • A tuition fee waiver of 25%  
  • For students who have RPL subjects, the scholarship only applies to enrolled subjects.


  • Citizenship: International Students 
  • School: Peter Faber Business School 
  • Campus: North Sydney 
  • Course: Business and Information Technology 
  • Study level: 
    • Bachelor
    • Graduate Certificate
    • Master 
  • Study load: full-time
  • The scholarship does not apply to foundation, diploma, honours and higher degree research courses. 
  • The recipient must not receive any other type of ACU scholarship or award at the time commencing the principal course. 
  • Students who attend ACU as Study Abroad or Exchange students are not eligible for this scholarship. 
  • The recipient must commence studies in 2024.

Ongoing requirements

To remain eligible for this scholarship, recipients are required to maintain the following each semester for the duration of the scholarship:

  • Remain enrolled in a Business or Information Technology course on the North Sydney campus and is not transferrable to alternative courses or campuses.
  • Scholarship recipients will remain eligible up to the minimum CRICOS registered duration of their course.
  • Must agree to act as student ambassadors for ACU and support promotional activities.