Uni Step-Up Accommodation Scholarship

About this scholarship 

This scholarship was established to help support Uni Step-Up students transition into university life. 


Scholarship type 




This scholarship provides a 20% reduction in accommodation fees, paid towards a rental agreement in ACU student accommodation, it does not apply to non-ACU accommodation. 

  • Ballarat Campus: Paid towards a two-semester or 12-month rental agreement in the property and room type of your choice.  
  • Canberra Campus: Paid towards the fees of a standard studio room on a 12-month agreement.  
  • NSW-based campus: Paid towards the fees of the room type of your choice in a 12-month agreement. 

Indigenous students from Regional, Rural or Remote backgrounds will also automatically be considered for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Accommodation Scholarship. 

Student type 

Future or Commencing Students 


  • Citizenship: domestic 
  • Completed a Uni Step-Up program
  • Course: commencing any ACU undergraduate degree 

These offers are subject to the availability of rooms at your chosen campus. You may be contacted by ACU Student Accommodation for further clarification about room availability. 

Accommodation Scholarships are limited to one per student. If you are awarded and accept multiple Accommodation Scholarships, the Scholarships Office will contact you to confirm which award you will accept. The Scholarships Office reserves the right to rescind multiple offers so that you are awarded a single Accommodation Scholarship. 


Application and Selection process 

No formal scholarship application is required. This scholarship will be automatically offered to all Uni Step-Up students who meet the above listed eligibility criteria. 


Ongoing requirements 

To remain eligible for this scholarship for the full twelve months, recipients are required to maintain the following: 

  • Minimum Pass grade for two-thirds of units attempted 
  • Remain enrolled at the same campus